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  1. Mark;
    I encourage you to check this MIKE T guy , He admitted that he does not belong to this club and his attack are sabotaging the work of the club plus creating divisions with his ATTACKS .
    I already have received comments on that behalf from some members at my E-mail address.
    This could go forever with this .Please correct it
    Your friend;
  2. Kurt;
    I'll contact the gentleman from Mexico per your request.
    Thanks; Jose
  3. Hello Jose,

    Can you help this gentleman who I think is in Mexico? Needs a lot of large
    parts that may be prohibitive to ship from the US.
    Kurt Triffet
    Renault Caravelle Enthusiast

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    Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 13:25:34 -0500
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    name: arnaldo cardenas

    message: favor cotizar parachoques delantero y trasero; bisagras de capo;
    mecanismo de techo convertible y tablero de renault foride de 1962

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