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Thread: Attention all Los Angeles area Renault owners

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    Default Attention all Los Angeles area Renault owners

    Just received this today and would like to know how many of you would be interested. This came from the Dodgers organization:

    "I wanted to reach out to you because I am interested in organizing a Car Club Day here at Dodger Stadium in May 2011. With all of the various car clubs in just the Los Angeles area, I feel as though we need, as an organization, to be involved with such a great, traditional culture. My idea is to host car club members and families out for a wonderful day of classic cars and Dodger baseball. What could possibly be better than that?!

    Before I get the ball rolling on this event, I would love to set up a meeting with you to get some ideas on how we can make this event not only the best possible time for all of Los Angeles, but one that becomes a tradition. We are interested helping all participating car clubs with fundraising and exposure. I have a general idea of what I would like to do for incentives for each club to participate, but would love to have your input."
    Helping to keep our Renaults on the road

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    so,......... did anything ever become of this ?

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    No interest from our local area owners and the organizers didn't promote it well. I didn't attend.
    Caravelles are cool!


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