Until I get a chance to post some more recent articles I thought I would be vintage one up. I believe this event was in 2002 or 2003. Anyway we had a great time and you can check out some photos in Issue #66 online or in a back issue.

Orphan Car Weekend
By Marvin McFalls

The time had finally arrived for the national Renault meet. This year’s meet took place in Dayton, Ohio and was hosted by Brent and Pam Bartley. On Friday, September 27th I left work at Noon, jumped in my Little Green 5 and headed towards I-75. After driving for about a half-hour I was joined by Marty Mckee who was driving his white Alliance GTA. We moved another fifteen miles North where Marty picked up his friend Richard and we then had lunch and waited for the last members of our party. As we were finishing up in walked Sam Stuckey and Rebecca Lawson. Both own Alliance GTAs but they were riding together in Sam’s Black one. So about 2PM we loaded into our Renaults and headed for Dayton.

It was nearly 7:00 PM by the time we arrived and check into our hotel. Once everyone was settled, Marty, Richard, and I headed over to Brent’s house. Ray and Nancy Dietz’ 18i wagon was parked in the driveway. Brent and Pam had just returned from having dinner with them. We found everyone in Brent’s new Garage checking out his collection of Renaults. There were four Renault’s as well as many motorcycles. Brent has a Dauphine, R10, A310, and a R5. He also has a R8 but it was at a body shop being repaired. When we finished drooling on all his cars we went inside to watch a movie. I had brought a movie on the history of the A110. Jonathan Burnette had sent it to me a while back as a gift and I thought everyone would enjoy it. Pam made popcorn, and it turned out the movie was a big hit and many asked about getting a copy. It was getting kind late so everyone headed back to the hotel to rest up for Saturday’s activities.

I was up by 7AM and decided to try to clean up my car. By the time everyone else awoke, I was ready for some breakfast. By 9:30 we were back at Brent’s where we met his friend John. John is Brent’s mechanic and he was going to drive Brent’s R10 Automatic to the show. Shortly after 10AM the caravan of six Renaults arrived at Carillon Park. It had rained the previous couple of days so instead of having the show on the grass they lined up the cars in the parking lot. After much confusion we finally settled in at the far end of the exhibit near the AMC and pre-war orphans. Two other local Renaults, one an Alliance Convertible and the other a R10 joined us. Finally Tom Tweed arrived in his Encore just before Noon rounding out the field.

However during the day we had several other Renault Owners arrive disappointingly without their car. First was Ken Gladyszewski who left his nice 4cv at home, then came Phil Ross who had hoped to bring his R8 Gordini but he wasn’t able to get it ready in time. Later that afternoon we met Park Rensselaer. Park has owned many Alliance and Encores, but he is currently working on restoring a R15. As 2PM approached everyone cast there ballots for the car show, and we all gathered at the club display to pass out the awards. Brent’s R10 won Best in Show for the third year in a row, and his A310 was a distant Runner-up. I was surprised to win the Oliver Twist Award for the car that most resembled an Orphan. By 3:30 the event began to wind down so we packed up and went back to clean up.

Next on the agenda was Cruise the ‘Burg in downtown Miamisburg. It is an annual event where they close off several blocks of Main Street and classic cars and street rods line the streets. We ran into Brent’s friend John who had brought his street rod Chevy Nova with a 427 Corvette engine. They also had live music, and there were several nice restaurants. After checking out most of the cars we had dinner in an Italian restaurant. Following dinner we took one last look at the cars and headed back to the rooms. Richard, Marty, and I decided to check out a movie. Brent and Pam decided to join us so we all headed to the local cinema. After enjoying the film we called it an evening.

Sunday morning was bright and sunny and we looked forward to a fun rally. Tom Tweed and several of his friends from the Triumph and Mini clubs had helped to set up the event. Unfortunately there was a marathon going on at the park and we had to adjust the course. John Sletten and his family were at the park waiting for us in their 1979 R5 Black Beauty. Later a nice couple that had driven a Studabaker Airflow the day before joined us. After discussing the new course and passing out the maps and instructions we started on the rally. Brent had decided to navigate for me, because he thought it would be more or less a tour. Little did he know that I had planned to turn it into Ohio’s version of the World Rally Championship. With very little elevation change my little R5 didn’t hold up Marty and Sam with their more powerful GTAs. It didn’t hurt that Brent knew the area very well and we didn’t have to look for most of the turns. About mid way through the run we caught and passed John’s Black Beauty. As the event continued we ran into a few local farmers and some bike riders but we had a great time. We made it back to Brent’s House just after 11:30AM, and began setting up for the swap meet.

By Noon some of the other participants started pulling in. Meanwhile Brent and Pam were getting lunch ready while everyone else was checking out the wares. By 1:00PM we sat down for a great meal and interesting conversation on the patio. Following the picnic we made a few more trades and then it was time to pass out the awards. Along with the maps there were several questions to fill out as you went along during the rally. John Sletten and Marty Mckee’s teams answered the most questions so they both won Renault die cast models of the Clio Trophy. Brent also made a special presentation of a die cast Alpine A110 to Ray and Nancy Dietz for traveling the farthest to attend the event. Everyone else received a key fob for participating. It was now time for the F1 race to start so many of us settled down to watch. It was a typical race with the Ferraris dominating but the Renaults had a good showing. By the end of the day the Renault finished in the fifth and eighth positions. Following the race we then reminisced a bit about the days when Renault had dominated the races like Ferrari does now, and look forward to seeing them up front again in the years to come.

It was now time to pack up and head back to Tennessee. After saying good-bye to everyone we loaded up and made a quick stop for gas and headed south. We had made it past Lexington, Kentucky and decided to stop for dinner about 6:30PM. After filling ourselves, and I had to refill the LeCar it doesn’t hold nearly as much fuel as the Alliances, we were on the road again. We made one last pit stop when we crossed the Tennessee line. Then we drove over Jellico Mountain and went home our separate ways. I finally made it back slightly after 10:00PM. I especially want to thank Brent and Pam Bartley for putting up with us. It was a fun-filled weekend, and I hope to get invited back next year.