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    Carlisle 2010
    By Marvin McFalls

    Since being selected as the featured mark late last year we have been so excited to get to Carlisle. Usually we leave on Friday, but this I had to leave a day early to get the cars ready for the Invitational Display. So on Thursday morning I left Knoxville around 5:00 AM, and we arrived in Carlisle a little after 1:00 PM. This gave me a couple hours to work with Ed B. the Vice President of Carlisle Events. Around 3:00 PM we began checking in cars, within a few minutes Walter Koopman, Brad Stevens, and Brent Bartley all Arrived. Also driving in with Brent, were Dan and Stuart Barton who came in from Dayton, Ohio. Don McLaughlin also arrived delivering his LeCar race car to the showfield.

    Don and I headed for Harrisburg to Pick up Kirk Gibson’s cars for the I.D. When we arrived Kirk was scrambling. He had filled the radiator up on the 1907 Renault and found some leaks in the radiator. Don and I jumped in and helped him repair the leaks just in time as John Vogler and Joost Barbert arrived with the trailer to pick up the car. Joost is from Holland, and is a foreign exchange student who spent the year living with John. We were supposed to be back to the fairgrounds with the cars at 6:00PM for a Pizza Party, but it was closer to 7:00PM when we arrived and unloaded the 1907 Renault and 1903 DeDion Bouton.

    When we arrived our final Invitational Renault was waiting for us. Mark Nicotera drove down from Connecticut in his Red R5 Turbo II. Also, Jonathan Burnette and his friend Dennis Arrived from AustinTexas. Jonathan Drove up in his FuegoTurbo Diesel. After some cold pizza we returned to the hotel to get some rest.

    We awoke early the next morning, following a nice meal and conversation we went over to the fairgrounds. Don McLaughlin arrived at the fairgrounds. He brought his R8 racer. It wasn't long before we had our third Renault. Matt Cotton brought his U.S. model R16, along with his Simca 1000. Nick Chennelle also arrived on Friday. He drove down from Rochester, NY in his Silver GTA equipped with Archer Brothers Racing modifications. Along with a friend driving Nick’s Silver GTA Convertible.

    As the day went on Lloyd and Donald Mathis arrived at the fairgrounds, after travelling 875 miles in Lloyd's Black GTA. Jon also brought his Silver GTA and Mike Gipe’s Red GTA Convertible. All three of these cars were displayed in Building R, at the end of the long row of French Cars. Also in Building R was a Blue, White, and Red display of Citroen 2cvs representing the French flag. This display was provided by Les Woods. Les had also planned to bring Alliance number 1, recently purchased for the Chrysler Collection. In his absence, my Alliance 4-door had to stand in completing the display.

    As the day wound down, Clayton Hoover arrived in one of his Beautiful LeCars. As we lined up our cars we were joined by another Silver GTA Convertible, just in time for our Scenic driving tour and rally. So off we went four GTAs lead by one Alliance. Don lead us on a exciting and challenging run through the countryside and up into the mountains. This was designed as warm-up for the main event on Saturday. Once we returned to town we were joined by the rest of our friends from Ohio and Texas for a nice meal.

    When we awoke Saturday morning, much to our surprise the sun was shining it was a picture perfect day. So off Brent, Dan, Stuart, and I went to the Middlesex Diner. Each and every Saturday there is an open invitation of the Central PA Renault Club to the Saturday morning breakfast, as they really do have a marked area with a sign 'Park your Renault Here'. When we arrived Joe Wagner was sitting with regulars Lee Weaver, and John Vogler, Along with out of towners Mark Nicotera, Nick Chennelle, and Brad Stevens. Next to arrive were a couple more locals Tom Gross in his Red GTA convertible and Mike Gipe. Long time Club Secretary, John Mullin also joined us. Finally, Bruce Hunter arrived from Salt Lake City Utah for the show.
    After enjoying our breakfast and conversation we caravaned to the fairgrounds. As we were trying to make the left hand turn into the showfield, we were allowed to turn in by Vincent Poirier from Quebec, Canada. Vincent had driven 1000 kilometers in his beautiful Alliance GTA Convertible. As we were getting the cars lined up, Clayton arrived with his second LeCar, and Jean-Francois Bourque. Jean-Francois and his family had also driven down from Montreal in a beautiful R16 and a 1987 Alliance 4-door. We lined up all the French cars together, All tolled we had Alpine, Citroen, Facel Vega, Panhard, Peugeot, Renault, Simca, Smart, and Vespa ended up in the mix. We then made plans to meet back at 2PM at the tent.

    With the help of Lee Weaver, we now had three displays up and running. So we made our way to the Invitational Display, to get the 1907 Renault ready to take out onto the track for the first time in nearly 100 years. At high noon they closed down the driving school to allow the Renault to run the cirquit. On his first reconasence lap Kirk went solo. Once everything checked out, Kirk offered me a ride, what an honor. All tooled he did six laps, and put smiles on the faces of everyone in attendance.

    Next we made plans for our swapmeet. Jonathan Burnette, Joe Wagner, and Myself all set up displays. It was by far the biggest swapmeet we ever had. First members starting buying part here and there, and all of a sudden we started drawing passer bys in. Dale Martin who last year brought his R16 bought some parts from both Jonathan and I. I also sold parts to Brent, Clayton, Nick, and Mark. By the time the dust settled it appeared that Lloyd had acquired the most parts, and I was happy to have lighten my load a bit. However I did pick up a spare Radiator for my Alliance.

    After cleaning up all the parts we prepared for the car show. Annually we have between 10 and 15 cars. This year we had more than fifty. We opened the competition up to any French car, other than the Citroens. The reason we didn’t include them was because they were having their own show later than evening. We kicked of the festivities with the Central PA Awards. These are some unique awards given by John V, this years’ winners were Clayton Hoover, Joe Wagner, Don McLauglin and Mark Nicotera. Next we recognized everyone who had travelled long distances. In years passed I had one this award by traveling 500 miles, but this year I barely was in the top five. Jonathan Burnette won for driving his Fuego Turbo Diesel 1600 miles from Austin, Texas, and Benjamin Becerra won for traveling the farthest from Mexico City. Then we moved on to the honorable mentions which went to Jim Schick, Walt Koopman, and Mark Nicotera Third place went to Brad Steven for his Alpine 310, Second went to Brent Bartley in the R8 Gordini and First place went to Kirk Gibson 1907 Vanderbilt Cup Renault.
    Following the car show we continued to hang out at the fairgrounds, several people were interested in going for scenic mountain drive. We planned to meet back at the tent at 5:15PM, and leave for the forty-five minute drive. By the time we had everyone it was nearly 6:00PM. So to say the least we were a little unorganized. When we left the fairgounds we had the two R16s, Two Alliances and three GTAs. Just like we had done the day before Don was in the lead and John was in rear, but the cars were to far spread apart and we missed the first turn. By the time we reorganized, Vincent's GTA car was beginning to have brake problems.

    As we headed into the mountains Don's GTA lead Benjamin and I in my Alliance. We had wonderful tour, unfortunately behind us Vincent continued to have troubles and the slower R16s had trouble keeping up. By the time we made it back to fairgrounds John and Vincent went directly to his house to make repairs and the R16s split off. So unfortunately we didn't get a group photo of the first North American Renault Rally. I promise next year if you come it will be better organized.

    Following the rally, we had to leave directly for the Citroen Banquet. After the banquet we returned to the hotel, for some much needed rest. When we awoke the next morning the sun was gone, and by the time we arrived at the fairgrounds most of the cars had headed home. We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon hanging out, and getting to know members better. I spent some time with Matt Cotton and Jean-Francois. After running back and forth between three displays Saturday, most of my day was spent in the Invitational display.

    Around 1PM the first car slipped out the of Invitational Display so we started to pack up. At 2PM, we had the awards ceremony. Kirk Gibson won his second award. This was a bit of a surprise as his 1907 Renault was chosen by the kids as their favorite vehicle. Much to my surprise this turns out to be the second time a brass era has been chosen by kids as their favorite, so maybe there is hope for future generations of car collectors. After receiving his award we loaded up Kirk's three cars as well as Walt Koopman's Rene Bonnet.

    By now it was near 3:30 and Jonathan and I had 500 miles to drive back to Knoxville, so we said goodbye to all our Renault friends. It was a very excited show, and we are all looking forward to returning to Carlisle next year. . We had originally set a goal of 25 Renaults and between all three displays we had 26 Renaults. If you ad in the other Renault powered we had a total of 30 vehicles. We now look forward to 2012 where we will try to keep the momentum going and better this number So if you didn't make it this year, plan to register early and sign up with the Renault Owners Club. We are already planning several special events that we will announce in the months to come.

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    Thanks for the great writeup! Wish I couldn't have been there. Pictures?



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