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    HI All, Newbie here.

    I am attempting to resurrect my mother's soon to be classic french car (the other brand) The car is in perfect cosmetic shape, and has less than 15k miles. The car does not currently run. I need to locate a mechanic in the Midwest, I live in Chicago, that has some knowledge of French cars. I have had it out to a mechanic and been jerked around, no one i can find would like to take the project on. I am willing to spend some decent money, couple thousand, for someone to go through it, and get it back on the road. Am only aware of it needing new tires, new fuel, tune up , flush all fluids, go over everything, etc.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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    Check out Larry Claypool at the Vair Shop. He does work on French cars from time to time.



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