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Thread: Any ideas to grow our membership?

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    Smile Good Idea

    Hi ;
    That's a great Idea, Members in need can get with Renault experience guys
    in repairs , modifications ,etc. on their cars.
    I will be interested on loaning my services to the club
    Over 30 years experience on repairs,restoration, modifications , parts and open shop per appointment for the members needs Plus a big lot of N.O.S. , Very Rare Reproductions and nice used parts (NOT JUNK) available for the older models R 5 (leCar)-8-8G-10-12-15-16-17- Caravelle, Dauphines & 4CV's
    Members can reach me at (786) 546-4552 ( Eastern Daytime Hours Only )for personal inquiries & quotes also
    Let me know.

    Quote Originally Posted by speasummerlin View Post
    Hosting regular columns.
    You could ask my brother to do "Ask The Car Doctor", lol, or other supremely knowledgeable people to answer all manner of questions, and start building a helpful reference library that could be easily searched.
    Linking membership with multiple other like-minded groups. (suggested above)
    Performing timely upgrading/updating of site and staying au courant.
    The calendar of events is for 2011 through January 2012....
    Adding features, such as "Car of The Month", this could be in various categories.
    First-person blogs/stories/articles of participation in cool events, travel, car shows, food finds, etc. with pics (lots of pictures!) and links.
    This is just off the top of my head after joining the site a few minutes ago.
    Summerlin Burnette
    (Jonathan Burnette's sister)

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    In all seriousness, learning to read French would be a massive step forward for anyone with a French car. The best resources for any French car are in France: Clubs, technical information, forums, parts sources and individual contacts. I have turned high school French into a passable facility in the spoken and written language over the decades and it has been so valuable in my decades running Peugeot 404s.

    This doesn't really help this forum, but as individuals, it's worth considering seriously.
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