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Thread: Renault Part Numbers needed

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    My name is Chris and have been a Renault owner for over a year now...
    Well, sort of--Renault powered camper. Front end of a Trafic van attached to a Winnebago camper. When I bought my 1988 Winnebago LeSharo, it came with a big box of NOS Renault parts. P.O. said he was approached by a former Winni/Renault tech who sold him the box of parts cheap. I am sure they are all for the Renault 2.2 gas and diesel motors that were offered in the 82-92 Trafic van, which is the power pack of this little camper. I'd really like to know what to keep for my gas 2.2 and what could go to the diesel owners out there. I have everything from head gaskets to an oil filter.
    Chris C
    88 LeSharo

    Thanks for looking, and here is a picture of the French Trafic van. OOH LA LA!

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    Contact Jonathan Burnette he can help you determine what is gas and what is diesel he is our LeSharro guru. Give him a call 512-454-0963.

    Good Luck


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