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Thread: My 87 USA made Renault GTA

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    Default My 87 USA made Renault GTA

    Took this photo in Jan- Feb of 2013.

    Someone asked me if I still drive this car every day. YES. Yes, it does get driven by the Lady of the house to go to work. On the weekends, it is our Dance machine (gets us there) as we travel 200 miles in an evening to the dance and home. over 100,000 miles and then some are on the body. this is the 3rd motor, and I believe the 3rd clutch. I do brakes in alternating years, front-rears.

    Car looks better in the rain, it will need paint soon

    Joe Wagner, Cincinnati Ohio

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    Another photo on the same day. Cincinnati does get cold in winter, and HOT steamy in summer. I have owed his car for 8 years. Running 50 series tires with straight Ronals around. Kuhmo tires, and quite pleased with them despite their low price. Rim cleaning was a must when I mounted them. But they were computer balanced by a computer...... All work and service performed by me. Ca runs pretty well, except when power is shut off from Battery. Then it has to re-learn what it used to know. Takes about 2-3 days to get it right.
    Very dependable despite a few problems. Starters, halfshafts are my Nemesis, the rest is somewhat predictable for servicing....

    Joe Wagner, cincinnati

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