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Thread: Renault 9-11 Belchite Spain

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    Default Renault 9-11 Belchite Spain

    Hi guis.
    Last weekend we celebrate the 1st Meeting of Renault 9,11,Alliance,Encore Club of Spain in the city of Belchite near Zaragoza (300km from Madrid).
    Of course all Renault cars were invited at this event. I travelled from the city of Toledo (456km to Belchite) on my 1976 Renault 12 TS 1,4 litre wagon.

    Somo of the cars on this meeting:

    Renault 25 TurboDiesel (like Eagle Premier with J8 turbodiesel engine)
    Renault 21 5 door (like Medallion)
    Citroen 11 Traction Avant
    Renault 9 Turbo (rare in Spain,like Alliance with 1,4 litre turbo engine)
    Renault 9 1,2 litre GTC (like basic Alliance with 1,2 litre engine and 4 speed man trans)

    Renault 9 TSE (1,4 litre engine)
    Renault 11 Turbo (like Encore with 1,4 Turbo engine)
    Mercedes Benz 190 2,5 litre 16 valve Cosworth engine
    BMW M3 (E-21 body)
    Renault 8
    Renault 12 S (only built in Spain with 1,2 litre engine and Weber double carb)
    Renault 12 TL Wagon (1,2 litre engine single Solex carb)
    Renault Fuego (2,0 litre carb and inyection engine)
    Renault Fuego TurboDiesel (J8 Diesel engine with 88hp and turbo)
    Seat 124 1,4 litre engine ( like Fiat 124) built in Spain
    Ford Fiesta MkI 1,3 Kent engine
    Renault Clio Mk I (Sierra 1,4 engine with carb)
    Renault 4 with 1,4 engine (transformated by owner)
    Renault 6 TL (1,0 litre engine)
    Opel Kadett GSI (this car in USA was Pontiac LeMans.In Spain was Opel with 1,8 litre engine and 16 valve inyection)
    Alfa Romeo GTV V6 2,5 litre engine
    Renault 18 GTS (1,6 litre single Solex carb and 4 speed man trans)
    Renault 7 TL (built in Spain,like LeCar with sedan 4 door body)

    Here is a little video of this event.At next days I will put some picks

    Saludos desde EspaƱa

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    Thanks for the post, it was nice to see the video with all the different Renaults that showed up. For being a 1st meeting I would say that this was a success. I hope there will be more and more as the next meeting will come. Please post some photos from the event and also of your journey with your R12!

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    If you hear about selling parts from an Electronic, I'm looking for the speed sensor for mine.
    Fernando Zavala
    Alliance 1985 Limited
    Encore 1986 GS
    Encore 1986 Electronic


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