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Thread: Renault R16 collectebels

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    I'm Corjan from the Netherlands.
    I am a verry big R16 Lover and I want to collect all kind off materials about the R16.
    Does not matter what, only thing ist it must be going about the R16 or a R16 on the item.

    My collection is Yet.
    sevaral factorie Folders.
    Model cars , over the 310 diverant ones
    one on scale 1 :1.
    drinking glases
    key holders ect.

    Iff you have something for me pleace go in contact with me.

    What I want to do is swob from renault stuf.
    I can offer you:
    Orginal factorie photo's , R4 and R16
    Renault Model cars
    all kinds of Renault stuff, just ask

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    It is nice to hear from another Renault enthusiast. I have several original advertisements and brochures from the 1960's. I would be more than willing to trade for some other Renault related memoriabilia. E-mail me at: and we can make a trade. Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for checking out the site.


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