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Thread: The Pope's got balls; me a 1969 Renault R16 (1152) Need Fuel tank

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    Bought car while on leave during VN war. Car has been covered and stored in yard since then. Thirty-three years since drove it. Pulled car covers off and started it right off using Fast starter . Then died; lack of fuel. Couldn't find fuel filter but found small holes top of fuel tank. Pulled holes on bottom. Raido played; so, now I better get it squared away knowing the Pope is driving a Renault. Any help locating a "new tank" or "wisdom" on patching holes with proper product would make my day. Thanks, George.

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    A patch would probably be easier to do than find a new tank. You can braze or solder on a metal gas tank if you fill it with water, that keeps the explosion possibility down. There are also tank repair/restoration services used by hot rodders and restoration companies, look in your area. I know of one in the Long Beach, CA area if you are interested.

    I had a Military command car from WWII that had plenty of pinholes in the tank and fixed them with braze. Leaks no more.
    1971 R10 - R1192

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    Since the car sat for such a long time there may be gunk in the tank. I had the same issue with my R12. I took the tank out and there was an inch on gunk on the bottom of it. I took it to a radiator repair shop and they cleaned it and patched up a small hole. It cost me $125, but I know that I don't have to worry about clogging my carb with gunk. I wouldn't work on a gas tank on my own. If you want it patched up I suggest that you take it to the professionals.

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