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Thread: Caravelle 1968 brake question?

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    Default Caravelle 1968 brake question?

    I have a 68 Caravelle with terrible brakes. I am overhauling all 4 callipers. After a long search I have found reasonably priced rebuild kits for the callipers in California!
    I have been told that when reassembling the callipers, the pistons have to be lined up in a particular way to allow for the entry of brake fluid into the calliper behind the piston? None of the disassembly guides mention this?
    My callipers have the square profile 'O' ring if that helps?
    Also, I'm a bit puzzled by the nut at the back of the calliper/piston with a screwdriver head in the end of the bolt. I realise that I have to replace the copper washer and realign the bolt through the hole at the back of the calliper (with a small screwdriver) before tightening to 10 ft pounds.
    What I fail to understand is how the piston is going to move and extend with the base bolted down to the back of the calliper?
    Another issue is bleeding! Do I need to bleed all callipers at the same time (as the directions suggest?), or can I simply work around the car bleeding each calliper in turn?
    Any assistance is much appreciated!

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    I have been waiting for some one to reply to this thread but have not seen a reply yet ?
    I am interested to see if some one can explain the portion of how the brake pistons still function with the bolt section locked down at the back of the calliper , or if there is a way to test the piston assembly before reassembly ? I am assuming the bolt portion of the calliper is to keep the piston properly aligned so what would happen if you replaced the piston with out the bolt assembly and just plugged the hole ??


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    I just rebuilt mine...nothing fancy in reassembly...haven't tested them is still without hoses and master...will know soon

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    Hi Gordman'Firstly, the thread that passes through the caliper body is designed to secure the piston into position. You must ensure to put the copper washer on the INSIDE of the caliper body. Before fitting the piston to the caliper body , ensure that the small dot (indentation) on the piston is aligned with the bleeder nipple so any trapped air can be bled out. The system works by the brake fluid pressure causing the piston to move (only a millimetre or two) but enough to put pressure onto the brake pads.This is why you must tighten the thread with the copper washer.In my opinion the round section seals are a superior option.As for bleeding, start with the left hand rear then right hand rear, followed by the left front and lastly the right front. Cheers from Sydney Australia.


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