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Thread: 1969 R16, Motor Trend Car of the Year???

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    Smile 1969 R16, Motor Trend Car of the Year???

    Bought my in 1970 and still have it. Starts right up ... keep the battery on auto charge. Last registered in 1985 and fear the DMV fees would be outrageous to put in on n the road today. Why does anybody keep a car 43 years? I have 2 MBZs but they are not attached to me like my R16. For a moment, after starting it up and hearing it run I think I'm still in fighting in Vietnam and laughing at Watergate. I guess that's why we read these posts. From car of the year to VERY RARE this year. Have fun.

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    If the vehicle has not been registered in a long time, it even predates the official non-operation program and may only be subject to the current fees. It won't need smog, if you have the original pink slip, it won't need anything but current address, I think. if you are an AAA member, they have experts that can help you without standing in line.

    Tag it and drive it!
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