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Thread: 1986 Alliance Steering Wheel Adjustment?

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    Default 1986 Alliance Rack Steering Adjustment?


    I am not sure if anyone else has had this problem. I drive an 86 Alliance with powersteering (although I feel that the car is light enough not to need it). I drive it down the same sets of road to work everyday. Some days, the steering wheel is positioned straight as it should be, I can remove my hands from the wheel and it continues straight down the road. Other days, the steering wheel needs to be turned about 10 degrees to the right in order for the car to drive straight down the same patch of road. When the wheel is turned the 10 degrees, I can remove my hands from the wheel and the car continues straight down the road, but the wheel remains 10 degrees to the right. It seems to happen in all road conditions and temperatures outside.

    The tierods seem tight on the rack and pinion, and the steering wheel does not have any real "play" before it turns the wheels. The tires also appear to be wearing evenly. I am not sure if this is related, but I have a tough time keeping the power steering fluid filled. It does not appear to be leaking from the rack, but instead bubbles out of the breather hole in the power steering pump cap. I have changed the cap thinking that something was wrong with that, but it did not help. When it leaks from the cap, it is after the car is shut off, then it overflows out of the pump.

    Any guidance on either issue would be appreciated. I have a manual rack in my '83 parts car, and have been tempted to convert it over to that...but not sure if the 1.7 was offered without power.steering.


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    something in your front end must be loose, inner or outer tie rods, or ball joint. Check them all. As for the p/s fluid, my guess is that you are overfilling it, when the pump (engine) is running, the fluid level drops, when the engine is turned off, the level rises. Fill it to the full mark with the engine off.

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    This was an issue with the Renault Cup cars initially in 1984. We were advised to make sure that the subframe bolts were tight, especially the two large ones at the rear of the subframe. Indeed we found most of them were fairly loose. That will allow the subframe to move in relation to the car body and change the steering wheel angle. I have also seen the steering rack mounting bolts loose on these cars.

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