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    Voitures Anciennes de Granby 2015
    By Marvin McFalls
    Each year, at the end of July, however this year event rolling into August, the small town of Granby Quebec, host the largest car show in Canada, The Granby International. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 3350 cars invade the town about hour east of Montreal. It is open to any vehicles 30 years or older; first come first serve and when they reach capacity they turn away late comers. So it is important that you arrive early and if you want to display your vehicle with friends or a club you must come together. Organizers try to put cars with similar origins together, but once an area is full it is difficult to fit a late arriver in.
    So after much discussion at this year?s Carlisle meet we decided that we would attend all three days of Granby this year. Nick and George Dimopoulos drove their Renaults up from Danvers, Massachusetts. Nick in his LeCar and George in his Alliance GTA. Brent Bartley and I flew in Thursday afternoon. After several delays on the tarmac I finally made in and out of New York, and met up with Brent in Montreal. Jean-Francois Bourque picked us up at the airport in his 1987 four door Alliance. After a little exploring of the city we made our way to the home of Nicolas Reichenbach and his family. Stephane Larivee also met us there and after a wonderful Swiss dinner made by Nicolas mother we headed down town to Old Montreal.
    My friend, Francois Perea was also in Montreal visiting his brother. Francois is a member of the Renault Alliance Club Passion of France, which is dedicated to American model Renaults and AMC in France. So we headed down in Nicolas? R4 and Stephane?s R5 to see Francois and have a late snack. Since it was a warm day in Canada an Ice Cream seemed appropriate. Following our snack we wall around the old city and talking about all matters Renault. Before long it was 11pm so we decided to postpone the party until Saturday when Francois would again join us in Granby.
    After a short but good rest I awoke at 5:30AM. Everyone woke up a few hours later and we spent most of the morning with Nicholas and his Family before making our way to Granby in time my good friend Jean-Francois Bourque?s Renaults. J-F wanted to drive his 601 Trabant, so Brent had the honor of driving the R16, and I enjoyed driving the four-door Alliance. We arrived at Serge and Marie-Isabelle?s place just before 2PM. Serge cleaned up and lead us over to exhibit. There was a good turnout for a Friday, so we decided to check out the swap meet area which made up about one third of the show area. We then returned to Serge?s to meet up with everyone coming in for the weekend.
    Being that it was summer, who owns a Vespa shop wasn?t able to attend, so he lent me his fabulous R16. So off Matt, Nicolas, and myself went in the two R16s, and Nicolas? 1987 R4 former French police car. We made our way thru the sleepy streets of Montreal to Rendezvous with more Renault friend with their cars. At this point we had three more Renaults. The group was led by Renault mechanic extraordinaire, Stephane Larivee and his wife Claire and two of their children in his White R5. Martin Bedard and his family in the R5 Alpine, and Nathalie Perreault in her silver LeCar. Also along for the ride was Manic GT owner Simon Lavalliere. Finally Terrence Gnesko, driving his yellow LeCar pulled in.
    New to this year?s show was a trip to the Granby Autodrome for some dirt track stock car racing. Serge and Marie-Isabelle attend regularly but this year they had 17 of their best friends in tow. While many didn?t like the dirt and noise of the racers most had a good time, and we saw a few good wrecks. Following the race, Terry, Brent, and I made our way to a local campground where Terry had set up a tent earlier that afternoon. It wasn?t long before I was out for the evening, again waking up early the next morning ready for the show.
    We met at the McDonald?s in Granby at 7AM. Nick Dimopoulos and one gentleman with a DeLorean were waiting. But it wasn?t long before Serge and the rest of previous day crew arrived, followed by reinforcements from Montreal including Nicolas and Francois in the Renault 4 Police Car, followed by David Hebert along with his father in the Fuego Turbo, Marton Ferencz-Nagy and his wife in the R5 GT Turbo with a full body kit along with two more R5s who I didn?t get the names of the owners, and Jocelyn Harvey in his Peugeot 304.
    So after the introductions we jumped in our cars and headed for Granby. We had a beautiful spot reserved along the lake and we quickly lined up the Eight Renault 5s followed by the R4, R16, Fuego and Alliances. It wasn?t long before Paul Pietrzyk showed up in his Red Alliance GTA convertible. Followed by another Red GTA couple. However we were also joined by three more DeLoreans a couple of Citroen Dyane?s one a sedan and the other a truckette and a Peugeot 205.
    While we had originally planned for 30 cars, we were pleased with Saturday?s turnout of 15 Renaults, 4 Renault Powered DeLoreans, 2 Peugeots, and 2 Citroens.
    With all the cars in place we decided to take Francois and give him some of our knowledge of American cars. To help out I enlisted Brent, George and Nick. We walked nearly the entire field pointing out many interesting models along the way. As the lunchtime approached we headed back to the Renault exhibit. After a sandwich made by Stephane?s wife Claire, Stephane, Martin, and I decided to go back to the swap meet and try to buy some factory repair manuals that one of the guys had spotted earlier. We tried to negotiate a deal, but the guy didn?t seem to understand we were the only interested party he had. After much struggle we decided to check out a little more of swap meet before returning to the display.
    We spent the next few hours talking Renaults with each other and the public. Our display was constantly covered with spectators and it wasn?t long before I heard a voice I recognized. My good friend Joe Santos made the drive over from suburban Montreal. This was his first trip to Granby and was very surprised to see the quality and quantity of Renaults on display. We spent about an hour catching up, by 3PM we began to pack up, the day had flown by. At 3:30 we caravanned out of the show causing quite a stir among the French Canadian crowd. Again we took some side roads back to Serge?s house for a BBQ and happy hour.
    Following a great grill what you got BBQ with nearly fifty guests; we sat around for hours continuing to talk Renaults with a little Politics mixed in. Before long it was nearly 11PM so we made our way back to the campground for some much needed rest. After a good night?s rest we awoke early and tore down our campsite. We had time for a morning coffee before meeting the rest of the crew at a local restaurant for breakfast. Following a great meal we said goodbye to the remaining out of towners before Serge, Brent and I checked out the ninth and tenth LeCars in Granby this year one was a blue four door owned by Rene Lupien, and the other belonged to Julie Champagne, a red LeCar. I figure it has been a long time since there were double-digit Renault 5s in the town of Granby.
    After checking out Julie?s LeCar, Rene, Brent, and I could resist one more visit to show. It was interesting to see the different mix of cars on Sunday. There were definitely more Pre-war cars. While about half the cars we had seen before the other half we hadn?t. Both Friday and Sunday were record setting days for cars. All told 36,000 people attend the three day event.
    Plans for next year?s event at Granby are already underway, hopefully you can join us. It is very accessible from the Tri-state area as well as New England.

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    it was my pleausre to meet you
    Great day with all this renault fans
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