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Thread: '84 Alliance rack and pinion unit

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    Default '84 Alliance rack and pinion unit

    I have an '84 Alliance with a serious thumping as one drives down the road. It can be felt very strongly in the steering wheel, and I feel it has become a safety issue. I had thought it was a wheel bearing, and since the sound appeared to be in the back, I changed both rear wheel bearings with no effect. My 25-year-old grandson has been helping me, and showed me a lot of slop in the manual rack-and-pinion arms with the lower ball joints disconnected.

    I've tried to get a a replacement unit from Autozone, Advance Auto, and Summit Racing. Only one company in the Northeast rebuilds units from acceptable cores for these companies, but has depleted their stock due to cores that won't pass their wear requirements. There are plenty of the power steering units out there, but the manual rack-and-pinion appears to be a rare item. Their suggestion to send them my unit for rebuild is unacceptable due to the possibility of it not meeting their requirements for rebuild. That would leave me without a unit, period.

    Does anyone know of where I can go from here? I'm also looking for a mechanic shop that is familiar with Renaults in the North Carolina area. I have a few other projects I would fix on this car.

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    You can get replacement tie rods with the ball ends from RockAuto.
    Most times the bushings the rack moves in at each end of the main housing are missing or worn out. You can have some made of brass and they will last longer if kept greased.

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    I replaced mine with a Rockauto a few years ago and it runs nice ever since.

    The car with power steering had issues and I ordered a R&P repair set and turned out to be just what it needed.
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    I sent my '85 Alliance rack to Indianapolis Rack and Axle last year, and it has been fine since they rebuilt it. Seemed to know what they were doing.


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