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Thread: Alpine A110 art drawings

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    Default Alpine A110 art drawings

    Shin Yoshikawa’s Cutaway drawings
    Shin Yoshikawa is a renowned cutaway drawing artist and automobile journalist. For years he has created incredibly detailed drawing of classic European and Japanese models. For many years he has dreamed of drawing a French car, but due to demands for other models and commissioned work he has had to put this project on the back burner. Finally after finishing his latest work the Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo, he is finally beginning to draw his favorite car. The Alpine A110 in complete racing trim.
    The A110 Berlinette is possibly the most well known French sports car, and is currently on of the most coveted collector cars in the world. Back when these cars were new, buyers would have to wait sometimes more than a year to receive their hand crafted new Alpine, but as the salesmen would tell you an Alpine is worth the wait. If you don’t have nearly six figures to invest in a completely restored classic, or if you are a current or past owner of one of these beauties this is your opportunity to pre-order an incredible piece of art featuring the incomparable Alpine A110.
    If you pre-order one of the only 110 Limited edition copies which are hand signed and numbered and special embossed for each poster. by the artist. For the incredible price of only $45 U.S. you will become the owner of a unique piece of motoring art, the size is 18"X24", black ink on #80 Matte coated paper. So order today because once the first 110 copies are sold there will be no more at this introductory price. Delivery is expected in six to eight weeks, but like an Alpine this incredible piece of art is well worth the wait. To learn more about Shin and see his other work visit
    • Alpine A110 pre-order limited edition(USA)
    $45.00 + shipping $6.00

    You can also make your order on his website with paypal.

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    Appears that Shin dropped the project. He refunded my money a couple months back.
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