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Thread: A nice day from a french dealer

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    Smile A nice day from a french dealer

    Hi every body,

    I'm french and live in BOURGES (center of France).

    I can help you to have every parts you want, new or used, rare or not.

    I'm a very serious seller and have a lot of RENAULT, CITROEN, PEUGEOT parts.

    If you want to test ?

    The idea came because I have a very rare GTA TRANSAM...
    Like you, I know how difficult it is to have parts...
    so just tell me if you look for every part or every European car.


    My email is :

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    Bucharest & Iasi, Romania; Wien, Österreich ; ;


    Have you a web site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by radames View Post
    Have you a web site?
    Hi everybody,
    I'm sorry, I don't have any WEB...I must create one before the end of the year...but there are so many reference that I can't do it for the m*** needs a lot of time.

    But you can join me by mail very easily.
    I still answer to any question or research

    have a great day

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    Smile hi looking for parts

    I have a 88 renault medalion wagon need 4 window cranks ,some fool put aftermarket power windows in i need to remove them put in hand cranKs again can u help me get parts in canada ,here from somewhere svp. :d


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