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Thread: Dauphine Water Pump Replacement

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    Default Dauphine Water Pump Replacement

    Hi, I'm new to the club, and couldn't find much on water pump replacement, so please forgive me if it's already here.
    I have a '59 Dauphine with a leaking water pump, and have a few questions on how do replace it.

    1) Does the radiator have to be removed to make space to remove the water pump and/or fan?
    2) how do you release tension on the drive belt?
    3) I see a plate between the engine block and water pump. Can the water pump be removed without separating the plate from the water pump? I think I can feel bolts on the radiator side.. how many are there?
    4) Is rebuilding the pump myself practical?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Larry ;
    I will need the clear & correct information. I got the water pump and can give you all the information needed to replace it correctly . Lot of Dauphine Parts , over 30 years experience and open shop for your Renault Repairs. Please call eastern time Shop hours (786) 546-4552.
    Renault Source

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    It's a R1090; VIN# 5835446; chassis #733789 which I believe is a 1959. (the title says 1949 but that's impossible that's 4 years before the Dauphine was even on the drawing board) Is that the information you need?

    Also, for a different car, a R1090, VIN 6819836, chassis 1521650, I need a CLUTCH DISC, PRESSURE PLATE and RELEASE BEARING for a

    Do you by chance have those, or know where to find them?

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    Larry ;
    Thanks for calling me on the phone As we talked ,I got the parts and Info.
    To repeat write me to .

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