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Thread: 1987 GTA idles way too fast

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    Default 1987 GTA idles way too fast

    I hope someone out there can help me. 1987 GTA I have been trying to resurrect after it sat idle for 10 years with a broken timing belt and bent valves.
    The engine has been rebuilt. The engine will start up with shot of starting fluid, but it will not run at less than 4500 rpm. I have replaced most components on the FI system including injector, O2 sensor, computer, vac sensor, idle speed motor, flywheel sensor, etc etc.
    I have backed the nuts off he idle speed motor until the throttle rests on its stop, nothing changes, it will start on fluid, then run at more than 4500 rpm. all the vac hoses seem to be hooked up right.
    This thing is frustrating. Am I missing anything here?
    Rich Root

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    Hi Rich,

    You said that you start it on starter fluid. Is this because it won't start otherwise? If so, your wide open throttle switch is probably stuck open and this may also be the cause of your high idle speed. Try jiggling the WOT switch. Hope this helps.


    Hi again,

    Sorry, I spoke too fast. Even though the 1.4 and 1.7 engines have a WOT switch, the GTA doesn't have one, so my advice is no good. Perhaps the throttle position sensor is defective.

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