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Thread: new member: Looking for A110, checking I got it right

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    Default new member: Looking for A110, checking I got it right

    Hello Renaultphiles !

    I'm looking for an Alpine A110, Dieppe born, FASA or Dinalpin more or less in that order but not too picky, neither do I care too much about engine size (i have a french cousin that could potentially help there)... As I live in Cali, I've been struggling with the laws in effect here. Wanted to check with you if I got this right, and maybe ask if anyone knows of a car FS... (I know of a 1976 one FS if anyone is looking, but cannot buy it, wrong year)

    As I understand, for SMOG purposes the car needs to be pre 1975.. So if you like the double headlight look of the Alpine, a late-1967 <-> 1974 range should work...

    But, if you go the direct import route, the state of CA requires a certificate of conformity on the car, something it never would have had since it never was imported, so the way around that is instead pre-1968.. I think a lot of 67s have only the 2 headlights - a look I dislike - I guess you could retrofit the later car's 2 more in fiberglass... But import wise that makes it difficult (very limited year)..

    So if I understood this right, the only option is an already imported one, preferably in state but at least 74 or older ? I've seen some dinalpins and don't quite understanfd how they managed to get a CA title... they would be a direct import, and were post 67..

    I was wondering about that 1968 rule if anyone knows more about it...Or if other Renaults were legally imported in period with SMOG devices that could be used on the alpine ? Seems like I have a mountain to climb...

    Greg. (72 911, 73 2002)

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    I used to live in California (85-95) and had dozens of Renaults. The ONLY non-smog approved Renault that I had was a 69 FASA R8TS that was imported by (I believe) an Air Force member. It had a side draft and headers added to it.

    The rules in CA have changed but be VERY careful and check with the state BEFORE you bring something in. Lots of stories about cars being crushed because they did not meet state or federal regs.

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    Send me your e-mail. I know of a Dinalpin in San Diego area. Undergoing restoration.


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