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Thread: Free 1988 Renault Medallion

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    Default Free 1988 Renault Medallion

    Separating from my beloved commuter that I drove since I purchased it in san francisco in 2000. It has been my faithful commuter but tranny leak and urgent need for a commuter made me give up on her. I saw trannies on Ebay for $200....but where are they when you need them.
    The good:
    Interior is like kidding...seats, dash, upholstery, head liner...
    2 rear doors: windows need roll up/down mechanism...easy to find from France
    guges: all work, no lightning on right side when lights on at night.
    Radio: FM only but 4 original speakers
    Body, no dent but Californian leper...clear coat is peeling.
    someone rear ended me gently and cracked the plastic cover of the rear bumper. It is all there, taped with aluminum tape and can easily be repaired.
    2.2 Engine, 160k, runs strong, last trip from San Fran a couple of months back cruising @ 85 all the way.
    Tranny, leak of front ...rebuilt kit on ebay $71. Runs with oil, no problem.
    shocks, struts, radiator, water pump, brakes, rotors, fuel pumps....all these replaced in the past 5 years
    Glass all there not cracked
    Again, a great, comfortable and strong car.
    I just bought a Talbot Horizon to replace it, on top of my 83 505 TD, 64 caravelle (featured in the newsletter - my old login was wuestehu-). my 64 Fiat and my 69 R10 project...I cannot keep it but won't junk it.
    Currently CA non ops, so no registration back fees in CA.
    Reach out to me for pixs...she needs a good the tranny, maybe a paint job and she has a good decade of great services left in her!
    And It might have been one of the last or the last daily on the road.
    Until I found the Talbot (actually a rebadged Plymouth Horizon) I daily drove my 64 caravelle for work...3 months! lol
    Now it is the 89 Talbot being rebadged as a French rally 4 door sunbeam Talbot (as far a colors, stickers and looks go)
    email me a echevreuil at sbcglobal dot net

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    a ride with my 64 caravelle...dirt road anyone...

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    a look at my french cars, Medallion too


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