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Thread: Drain holes on 87 GTA

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    Default Drain holes on 87 GTA

    My 87 GTA collects water on the passenger side rocker, by the front and rear wheels. The water will drain out very slowly. Anyone have this same experience? Any help on where the drains are would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I had the same problem with my 1985 Alliance. I assume your vehicle is the same as mine. There are two drain holes for the rockers on each side. One is around the middle of the front door and the other is near the back of the rocker. They are on the inboard edge of the lip at the bottom of the rocker and angled rearward. They are not really holes but are small rearward-facing bulges, open at the bottom. You will need to lift up the vehicle and get underneath to see them. They are not very big and get blocked very easily. I opened mine up with a screwdriver and have not had any problem since. Nevertheless, every time I do a service on the vehicle, I clean them out and do the same with the door drains. There is also a similar drain hole for each of the front fenders just in front of the door. It's important to keep these clean also. Hope this is helpful



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