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Thread: New to the Club & French cars. Need some help.

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    Default New to the Club & French cars. Need some help.

    Hello everybody! My name is Glen, I'm in Florida, and I am new to your club and French car ownership. I recently acquired a Alpine (Dinalpin) A110 and been having one hell of a time hunting down parts. While I have been able to get it on the road using my skills with vintage Porsches and the Renault isle at my local ACE Hardware (you know, the isle right behind the Matra parts)I know this jury rigging is only going to get me so far.

    Now, I was under no illusions that parts were not going to hanging from every tree. What I was not expecting is that when it comes to Alpines English is a forbidden language. I have had a French friend asking some questions on French forums, but the "round the world" translations is not all that easy. Otherwise virtually nothing I have been able to find that I believe would be useful is in English. This totally took me off guard.

    The first thing I am hoping for is that some one out there can point me in the right direction for manuals, catalogs, etc... for Alpine's and R8's that are in English.

    The second thing I am hoping for is that some one can point me in the right direction for vintage Renault parts in the good ole USA. I drive my cars. And while this thing is rare, it is not mechanically exotic. Yet right now I quite literally can find parts for much more truly exotic cars easier than I can find virtually anything for a Renault. And Ironically the few parts I have considered ordering from overseas did not give the United States as one of the million countries they would ship to. Canada yes. USA not listed. Really?

    The third thing I am hoping for is to make contact with some one familiar with the A110 to help guide me. I already have a fairly good handle on it mechanically, but I could always use more info from some one who knows these cars, in addition to knowing where I might be able to obtain Alpine only parts like door seals, gas tanks, etc...

    Anyway, I am looking forward to being part of this club. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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    Hi Glen
    I'm in Florida too , Where are you at ? They know me as the Renault Source . I got over 30 years experience with Renaults
    I have lots of parts and Open shop to what you might need with your Dinalpine . Let me know the parts you might need
    Reach me at (786) 546-4552 cell phone Daytime (no text please)

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    Very happy to see a reply. I'm by the Gulf Beaches in the Tampa Bay area. Based on your area code, it looks like you are in Miami area which is not just around the corner. But same country and state with no ocean in between, so gotta like that.

    Right now the parts I'm needing are items like door seals, gas tank, gas pedal, shifter bushings. I suspect many may be Alpine specific. And the catalogs that I have looked at (but can't read) on line leads me to believe that there are a wide variety for some of these parts. There looks to have been 3-4 different gas tanks alone from what I can tell. And the shift linkage I have is not what they showed in the catalog. I absolutely need a gas pedal and in fact I am fabricating one based on the single photo I can find of an Alpine gas pedal because I suspect that I won't have the patients for such an item to fall from the sky. Right now it has a roller which is impossible to heal & toe.

    Anyway, I will be in touch soon. Thanks for the reply.


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