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Thread: Made a caddy for my Caravelle hard top

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    Default Made a caddy for my Caravelle hard top

    Those of you with this car know how heavy these tops are.
    I bought a hardtop hoist, sold by Performance Products;
    Well worth getting one of these.
    Hate simply lowering the top onto the floor, so I got some 2x4s and built this caddy that sits nicely on saw horses.

    Caravelles are cool!

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    Hi there, I am restoring a 1964 Caravelle, I inherited from my grandfather. My hardtop doesn't look like this, it is longer on top, steeper window at the back. I've looked at a hundred photos of Flouride/Caravelle restorations, and there seem to be two styles (yours and mine). My issue is that I'm up to the Respray stage (gone full strip down, back to bare metal) and the holes through the body do not seem to line up with the holes on the underside of the hardtop. They miss by about an inch. My uncle created a pair of tie down clips on the outside to compensate for this. Can you tell me how yours ties to the body? Thanks Rob from Australia

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    Default Caravelle hardtop

    Hi, I;m from Sydney , I'm also restoring a Caravelle 1964 model, and have both styles of hardtop. Both should fit on your car , the only difference is on the ealier roof i.e. the more streemlined rear window , the two lugs at the rear of the roof don't extend as far forward as on the later roof. I don't understand what you refer to as the holes in the bottom of the hood . My P.M. is:
    Cheers Chris Hartwell.


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