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Thread: Wanted: Renault/peugeot literature

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    Smile Wanted: Renault/peugeot literature

    I am interested in obtaining Sales Brochures and Road Test Reprints for the following Renault/Peugeot automobiles for my private collection: (Photocopies of any Renault/Peugeot Road Test Reprints would be fine.)

    Renault 4
    Renault 5
    Renault 12
    Renault 15/17
    Renault 16
    Renault 18
    Renault 25/30
    Renault Fuego
    Peugeot 504, 505, 604, 405

    If you can assist in any way please email me at

    Thank You and Happy New Year!
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    I have several original brochures and road tests. I am willing to sell them at what I feel is very reasonable rates. Let me know if you are intersted and I will go thru them and see what fits your list. My e-mail is


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