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The purpose of this club is to keep our Renaults in shape and on the road, as well as a place for individuals with a fascination for Renaults to meet other members with similar interests.

We have a quarterly newsletter the “Renault News,” which covers all the major Renault events in North America such as swap meets, conquers, and racing including F1. Our club is affiliated with other clubs and organizations in France, England, Germany, Sweden, Finland, & Australia so we have all the latest news about Renault. Our monthly classifieds publication the “Marketplace” is an excellent source for locating a previously owned (and loved) Renault, new and used parts, and literature for sale. You can place an ad online by just filling out a simple form.

After more than ten years the Renault Owners Club of North America continues to grow. We currently average approx. 300+ members with 350+ cars registered. To keep up with the demand of our members we have updated our website and are adding new services. We have recently added a members-only section where club members are able to access the latest issues of the “Marketplace” and “Renault News” as well as back issues of the newsletter. We have also included the club’s Registry of cars and Directory of members. We also feature an online library, which includes technical manuals, part lists, and even original ads as downloads

Each year the club participates in several events around the United States. Annually, we take part in the Best of France and Italy Car Show in Van Nuys, CA, Carlisle Import, Kit, and Replicar Nationals in Pennsylvania, along with other national and regional shows. We have many members interested in Grand Prix and vintage racing, and have attached club meets to these events as well. Typically we hold events in different regions of the country, so if we don’t have an event in your area this year, then maybe we will next year. Hopefully we will see you at one of these future events.

The most recent newsletter as well as the latest registry directory is available on the front page of our website at www.renaultclub.us , on page 2 of the newsletter is a complete listing of club officers and experts. You will be updated about changes to the username and password with the monthly online newsletter. If you have any questions or suggestions for the club, or any ways that you might like to be more involved, please don’t hesitate to give any one of us a call or e-mail if that is more convenient for you.

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Kurt Triffet
General Administrator, Renault Owners Club of North America