Here are Some Links to Other Renault-Related Sites:

Renault-Specific Sites

The Official Renault Site

The Renault Caravelle/Floride Enthusiast

The Unofficial Page of Renault

Renault Clubs of South Africa
WP Renault Club and Renault Club ZA

Amicale Floride et Caravelle
A Caravelle and Floride Club in France with over 60 members!

The best monthly French magazine for the old car restorer and enthusiast. Worth subscribing to if you can read French.

Renault Owners Club- UK
UK-based club for Renault owners of cars 1940 and after.

The Renault Freres
UK-based club for Renault Owners of cars 1897-1940

Mille Miles Alpine Magazine
“The first bi-monthly magazine devoted entirely to the Alpine” Site en français.

Renault Alpine Club International
“We are the biggest Renault Alpine club in the world.” Site can be translated several languages.

Renault Club of Finland

Official Belgian Renault Site

Renault Car Club (Singapore)
This site is a discussion forum for Renaults in Singapore

The R-8 in Spain By FASA-RENAULT
For information on the Renault 8 made in Spain, “El Rincón del Renault 8” (in Spanish)

R-10 Restoration page- Spain
This page is dedicated to the restoration of a Renault 10.

R-8 and R-10 Club of Spain
A new Spanish club set up by Félix García and Pepe de la Parte.

Renault 4CV Register of Australia
The 4CV Register is Australia’s national body for enthusiasts of the Renault 4CV and its direct derivatives, the Dauphine and Floride (Caravelle).

Tout sur la RENAULT 5 (everything about the Renault 5)
En français – Devoted to the history of the R-5 and Le Car .
English version

John Price Rallying
UK specialists of Metro 6R4s Renault 5 Turbo I & IIs, Tour de Corse, Maxi 5, Porsche 911s, Alpine Renault A110 and the new Clio V6.

Parts in France

Atelier Accessoires Automobiles Ancienne
Z.I. Artisanale RN 89
Tel: +33 5 56 72 47 11
Fax: +33 5 56 72 46 61
In the southwest of France. They have a catalog of spare parts for Caravelle including shock absorbers, steering parts, brakes, exhaust, clutch, carburettor, engine parts, electric, rubber.

West Auto Collection
1 rue Montreuil
72440 Bouloire
Phone number: 02 43 63 03 59
Fax number: 02 43 63 03 89
Specializing in French car parts from the 50s & 60s. Now online with downloadable catalogs. In the east of France. They have a catalog of spare parts for Caravelle including shock absorbers, steering parts, brakes, exhaust, clutch, carburettor, enngine parts, electric, rubber.

BP 02
Tel: 01 60 02 07 24
Fax: 01 60 02 15 07
They produce and sell rubber, carpets and aluminum trim for old cars. Many retailers buy their rubber parts from this company. The best company in France for this, I’ve been told.

Neo Rétro
87220 Crouzeix Feytiat
Tel: +33 05 55 48 38 58
Fax: +33 05 55 00 27 96

10 Rue de l’Ancienne Mairie
Tel: 01 34 79 12 60
Fax: 01 34 79 12 59
Robri produced cool aftermarket trim pieces found on many French cars in the 50’s & 60’s.

Meca Parts
Parts and accessories for your vintage Renault automobile.

Melun Rétro Passion
60 rue Vauchèvre
77115 Blandy-les-Tours
Phone number:01 64 81 31 00
Fax number: 01 64 81 31 09

Les Six Troenes
New old stock and used headlights and electrical parts for French
cars from 1920 to 1970. Carello, Marchal, Cibie, S.E.V., Ducellier, Alarme and more.

Renault Club Member Sites

Club Alpine Mexico
Great website devoted to the Renault Alpine

Renault Club Technical Information

Renault Alliance Parts Books & Wiring Diagrams
Covering Alliance, Encore & GTA

Renault Club Parts and Information Sources

The Originals Renault Services
Services for Collectors
Vehicle collectors finally have their own platform. Here, you will find a whole range of services to facilitate your administrative processes, exclusive auctions, and helpful information to take full advantage of your classic vehicle. French, but English options. A great resource.
Web site:

Vintage Sports Car Inc, Historic Race Car
Yves Boode
1114 Rail Drive D
Woodstock, IL 60098tel/fax 815 337 4001
Web sites: and
My company does not work on anything “modern” We specialize in Renault and other French products and are very familiar with most British cars as well. We have many customers from around the country with cars that were produced in too small numbers so that manuals are not available. Our understanding of mechanics and machine facilities have been proven very valuable to those customers.

Books for Cars
Offers Renault service manuals for sale here in the U.S.
Tel: 206.721.3077
4850 37th Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98118

Convertible Top Guys
Tops for Caravelle & Floride, R19 and Alliance
30 Hopkins Lane, South Kingstown, RI 02879

Renault Dauphine Restoration Shop USA
Restored, Rebuilt & New Parts
We dedicate all of our work hours to the restorations and repairs of the Dauphine cars. Parts new and used available.
Also has parts for Caravelle/Floride.
Tel: (937) 244-5484

The Renault Source
(in Florida) Servicing- Caravelles, Gordinis, 4 CVs, Dauphines, R-5 -8 -10 -12 -15 -16 -17 and Alpine A-110s. With new and used parts in stock. Special order parts available. Open shop by appointment.
Tel & Fax: (305) 247-2607 Afternoons & Evenings EST

Robbins Auto Tops
Oxnard, CA
Tel: (805) 604-3200
Fax: (805) 604-3201

Convertible tops for Caravelle/Floride (remember that there were 3 slightly different tops for 1960-1967) plus Alliance.

Mr Fiat
Vintage Renault parts. Weatherstrip, window seals, door seal, windshield gasket, starters, lamp lenses

Pierce Manifolds
Vintage Weber carburetors, Weber manuals and tools.

Parts in Other Countries


Old Timer Service
Stenenburg 11
NL-6372 AP Landgraaf
Tel: 0031-45-5323254
fax: 0031-45-5325967
Specializes in new and used parts for all rear engine Renaults. Comes highly recommended from a few Renault club members here in the U.S. who have used them for parts.

Jan Walrecht
Geert Ehrismann
tel: +31402908699
fax: +31208844353
Jan says: Klaus Polzl told us at several club meetings that we have probably the largest stock of new R16 parts that he had ever seen.
Next to the 16 parts we also have large amounts of other new renault parts before 1985 (no we’re not professionals, it’s just a hobby that got out of hand)
Maybe its good to mention this as well.